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"The Dream is Everything," said Silindokuhle Sithole, one of TauSadi's Directors.

Female Engineer

At TauSadi

TauSadi Mining and Engineering (Pty) Ltd is for every young woman and man who wants to succeed in the twenty-first century. We invest in people passionate about mining and engineering and strive to deliver world-class service to our clients. In the cut-throat world of business, it is the team with the best players that win, Jack Welch famously said.


Our recruitment and selection processes are designed to maximise employment opportunities and project benefits for local communities by giving preference to those residing in the immediate environs of a mine through a ‘fencing system’ established in consultation with our clients and local communities. 


By joining our company, you are not only recognised as an employee, but we believe the extraordinary talent we attract goes above and beyond expectations to deliver what we promise.

Work Opportunities

Elevate your career with TauSadi, a trailblazing brand committed to shattering stereotypes and fostering a dynamic learning environment. We're constantly on the lookout for outstanding individuals to join our fast-expanding team. Explore the right side of this page to discover current job openings. Stay informed by following our social media channels for the latest updates on career opportunities. Join us in redefining industry norms and be part of our innovative journey.


 Bursary Opportunities 

TauSadi's bursary program is dedicated to fostering young talent in the fields of engineering and mining, with a strong focus on enhancing local community development. We prioritize residents living near our mining sites through our unique 'fencing system', recognizing them as future leaders and vital contributors to both our company's success and community progress.


This initiative reflects our commitment to challenging industry norms and offering a solid educational base.

We encourage our bursary recipients to not only build successful careers within TauSadi but also to play a significant role in driving innovation and growth in the mining sector, with a particular emphasis on benefiting their communities. Interested in joining our program? Simply slide to the right to apply.

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